ELECTRIC MG roadster

Australia's first electric MGF


1999 MGF Electric (EV) conversion

I have owned my 1999 MG-F since new. It's a great little roadster and I have enjoyed driving it over the years. Unfortunately, I have also spent $$ on engine issues related to the head gasket and cooling issues, so when it gave up for the last time , I was keen to convert my little MG to 100% electric, luckily I found a local group of EV enthusiasts in Geelong Australia (AEVA Geelong Branch) who are helping with advice and helping hand.

It's no TESLA Roadster or Porsche Taycan, but it is my budget MG-EV Roadster! Sure it won't be crazy fast or
have a range of 1000km, but that was never my intention, it's a city car and now road legal and putting real EV km's on it, it's a BLAST to drive and juiced up via home solar & Tesla Wall Battery. As far as I'm aware it's Australia's first 100% electric MG-F.

Please follow my progress on Instagram @mark_n.e.w.e.l.l


20KWh Nissan Leaf Battery Pack.
Using 42 of the 48 modules.


Siemens Azure AC Induction 3 Phase Motor. Capable of 150kw, 300Nm Torque.


Azure Dynamics DMOC 645 water cooled Inverter with GEVCU from EVTV.


BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

Best modern car winner

2021 Torquay Rotary Motorshow Winner

Busbar covers

top down cruising

Sunny day touring in electric MG!

BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

First public Charge

Geelong Waterfront, first public charge

Busbar covers

juice up time

Chargefox free public charger, Leopold Victoria

BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

First Charge

First test charge with J1772 port

Busbar covers

Fluid Heater

Installing Mess Fluid Heater, plumbed into original heater core pipes

BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack


Time to get driveshafts reattached so I can spin that motor :)

Busbar covers


Some interior upgrades, Joying 10inch head unit and fresh seat covers by RIXXU

BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

DMOC 645

Doug, Blake and myself first attempts to get DMOC 645 spinning Siemens AC Motor using ccShell on Windows XP laptop.

Busbar covers


Main contactor, Zeva EVMS and HV cables in Boot, I will make a false floor to cover all this.

BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

front battery

Front battery pack installed with custom PCB BMS boards and my 3D printed Busbar Covers in place.

Busbar covers

HV cables

Routed HV cables under car to front battery pack, starting to look more like a real EV now :)

BMS boards for Zeva Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

bms boards

I'll be using Zeva BMS, Inspired by Jacob Graham's PCB boards he created for his electric DeLorean, I created my own to help make the wiring to Nissan Leaf Battery cleaner & easier.

Busbar covers

busbar covers

Custom designed & 3D printed busbar covers for Nissan Leaf modules. I've upload 3D files to thingiverse.com for private use

Electric MG Subframe with AC Motor

AC MOTOR + inverter

AC Motor + inverter hooked up for first time, motor mounted to rear sub-frame, next stage water cooling for motor.

MGF rear subframe removal

prototype mount

My wooden prototype motor mount, holding Siemens AC motor sung in place. Final mount will be laser cut & welded.

Electric MG Subframe with AC Motor


AC Motor sitting in position on subframe, awaiting engineer to recommend and sign-off motor mounts. I also have to mount inverter to subframe before rolling it back in.

MGF rear subframe removal


Weekend project, remove subframe from car, thanks to EV boys from RENEW Geelong, we removed it successfully.

Nissan Leaf Batteries for EV conversion


Nissan Leaf module battery placement, in this case where original fuel tank was located behind front seats.

Siemens AC motor MG conversion


AC motor married to original gearbox bell-housing, it took awhile but I'm super happy with adaptor plate engineering.